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18 August 2016
This World Animal Protection case study shows the importance of innovative and practical disaster risk reduction work in typhoon affected areas.
19 September 2017
Ricardo Fajardo, Head of External Affairs, World Animal Protection shares his views on the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare (UDAW).
14 September 2017
This study explored Dutch consumers’ attitudes towards broiler chicken welfare as reflected through their willingness to pay for better welfare.
14 September 2017
This study investigated the extent of marine debris entanglement in South American fur seals and sea lions.
04 September 2017
This paper assesses the information that companies are publishing about their animal welfare strategies.
31 August 2017
Lauren Valentine, Veterinary nurse talks about her time volunteering with the Longwe Wildlife Trust in Malawi.
31 August 2017
Martin Stevens is a Professor of Sensory and Evolutionary Ecology at the University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology and Conservation.
30 August 2017
Customers in Chile were interviewed about their prior knowledge and opinions about animal welfare in the dairy industry.
22 August 2017
This article investigated factors, including age, gender and ethical ideologies that influence attitudes towards animals in China.
Topics: Anthrozoology
22 August 2017
Concepts in Animal Welfare has 35 modules covering a range of topics. This user guide covers infornation about Concepts in Animal Welfare.  Index of modules: 1