Exotic Pets

When wild animals are taken from their natural habitat or are bred in captivity for the purpose of being kept as pets, their basic behavioural and physiological needs are often not met. This results in many animals experiencing poor welfare and immense suffering.

Like with wild animals used in tourism, the extent and number of animals suffering is often unclear, therefore investigation into the problem is essential to stop the trade in exotic animals, and changes to legislation are needed to bring an end to the purchasing and breeding of exotic animals. If you are interested in the issues associated with exotic pets and how your expertise could help reduce the numbers of wild animals being kept as pets, explore these resources. 

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Lauren Valentine discusses her views on the current state of the planet and how human activities are effecting animals.

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Neil is a Technical Expert for Animals in the Wild at World Animal Protection, and is an expert in many conservation and animal welfare issues.
Georgina is the Executive Director of Wild Welfare and has over 15 years’ experience working for animal welfare and conservation organisations.
Liam Slattery has extensive experience in investigative research and is the Global Head of Investigation & Evidence at World Animal...