The Animal Protection Index

World Animal Protection delivered a comprehensive assessment of 50 countries around the world according to their commitments to protect animals and improve animal welfare in policy and legislation.

World Animal Protection designed the Animal Protection Index in collaboration with various animal protection NGOs, academic experts, law firms and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). The aim was to create a comprehensive assessment of 50 countries worldwide by considering a number of indicators which address the key issues relevant to improving global animal welfare. Each country was assessed on 15 unique indicators, which were grouped into 5 general themes:

  1. Recognising animal protection
  2. Governance structures and systems
  3. Animal welfare standards
  4. Providing humane education
  5. Promoting communication and awareness

The first theme examines the recognition of animal sentience and the importance of animal protection as a societal value within the country, including government support for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, prohibition of cruelty and protection for different categories of animals. The second (governance structures and systems) examines government commitment to improving animal protection; including whether there is allocation of responsibility, accountability and resources within government.

The animal welfare standard theme examines whether the OIE’s animal welfare standards have been incorporated into law or policy, the extent of engagement with the OIE on animal welfare issues, and whether the government publishes reports on progress in improving animal welfare.

The fourth theme (providing humane education) examines whether issues of animal care and protection are included in the national education system at primary and secondary level, and whether animal welfare issues such as humane handling form part of veterinary medicine education. Finally, the fifth theme examines whether there is government consultation and engagement with relevant stakeholders on animal protection issues, such as the development of new legislation and policy and licensing of scientific research using animals.

Compare the overall scores of countries

The Animal Protection Index can also be used as a comparison tool, to allow law and policy in differently countries to be compared at a glance. It will provide users with the overall scores of each country, as well as their individual indicator scores. A more detailed report for each country can also be generated, with explanations of the scores.

Find out how your country, and others, scored on the Animal Protection Index.