Better Lives for Dogs: Humane dog management programmes

For more than 30 years, World Animal Protection has been working to improve the lives of free-roaming dogs in diverse communities around the world. Read more about our humane dog management guidelines.

There are an estimated 700 million domestic dogs globally, many of whom are free-roaming and live nearby people and communities.  Some of these dogs are owned and are well tolerated by the community however conflicts surrounding free-roaming dog issues may sometimes arise.  

In response to conflicts between dogs and the communities they live in, some governments resort to inhumanely culling dogs. At World Animal Protection we know this approach is both cruel and ineffective. Instead we advocate for comprehensive humane dog management programmes that solve these conflicts, and improve the lives of both dogs and people.

We work with governments, international bodies and local communities to ensure dog populations are managed humanely. Where there are conflicts, we show how effective, ethical and sustainable interventions can solve the problems creating a harmonious co-existence between dogs and people. Our approach and methods are outlined in this report.