Concepts in Animal Welfare user guide

Concepts in Animal Welfare has 35 modules covering a range of topics. This user guide covers infornation about Concepts in Animal Welfare. 

Index of modules:

1 Introduction to Animal Welfare

2 Welfare Assessment and the Five Freedoms

3 Behaviour and Animal Welfare

4 Introduction to Animal Welfare Ethics

5 Improving Animal Welfare through Legislation and Incentives

6 Assessing Animal Welfare – Physiological Measures

7 Behavioural Measures of Animal Welfare

8 Disease and Production Measures of Animal Welfare

9 Assessing Welfare in Practice

10 Livestock Welfare Assessment (Part 1)

11 Livestock Welfare Assessment (Part 2)

12 The Application of Animal Welfare Ethics

13 Diet, Feeding and Animal Welfare

14 Companion Animal Management

15 Environmental Enrichment

16 Livestock: Slaughter and Killing Animals for Disease Control Purposes

17 Euthanasia and Emergency Killing

18 Welfare of Working Animals

19 Welfare of Animals used in Education, Research and Testing

20 The Welfare of Animals Used in Entertainment

21 Wild Animal Welfare: Management of Wildlife

22 Wild Animal Welfare: The Commercial Use of Wildlife

23 Welfare of Wild-Caught and Farmed Fish (Fish Welfare Part 1)

24 Welfare of Farmed Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates (Fish Welfare Part 2)

25 Livestock: Transport and Markets

26 Companion Animal Welfare

27 Religion and Animal Welfare

28 Human Conflict and Animal Welfare

29 Veterinary Disaster Management

30 Human Animal Interactions

31 Economics and Animal Welfare

32 The Role of the Veterinarian in Animal Welfare

33 Animal Welfare Organisations

34 Veterinarians as Animal Welfare Educators

35 The World Organisation for Animal Health and its Role in Animal Welfare