Could your veterinary faculty be a Model School?

The Model Vet School Guidelines were designed as a set of standards that could be applied by a veterinary faculty over time.  The intention is that incremental changes can lead to gradual improvements that will result in a veterinary school providing excellent teaching and leadership in animal welfare so that the student experience is first class.

These guidelines were developed by a team of veterinary education experts and in consultation with a large number of veterinary associations and vet schools.  If you are implementing some of the standards, and making some of the changes recommended in your veterinary school’ practice and culture then please get in touch.

We would love to hear from you, to share your successes and challenges as case studies on this page, to support other vet schools that are embarking on their own journey to improve the inclusion of animal welfare. Please fill in the form on this page and we contact you to hear your stories, and share as case studies with the global veterinary community.