Dr Antoine Goetschel

Animal Welfare Attorney

Antoine is an Animal Welfare Attorney of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. He has represented animals in more than 700 criminal cases, and has 30 years of experience in the field of animal law.

Antoine is also an international consultant for animal law and ethics, and works with governments, animal welfare organizations, universities and media representatives as a guest speaker and expert assessor. In recent years, he has observed a growing interest to improve the legal position of animals and offers his experience and knowledge more and more to international lobbying groups. He advocates for the substantive and structural improvement of the legal status of animals in the constitution, in law and in law enforcement.

For governments, Antoine acts as a consultant and expert assessor for analyzing the legal status of animals in the country-specific legislation and in comparison to international standards. He offers suggestions for improving the content and application of the laws and advises during the implementation and application phase. For animal welfare organizations, he acts as a strategic advisor in legal and policy matters. He also works as a lecturer at universities, is involved in promoting research in national and international animal protection law, and supervises dissertations, theses and papers.

Together with Sabine Brels he created the Global Animal Law (GAL) Project. This provides education on Animal Law, encourages protection of animals through the interactive GAL Matrix on the site, and provides a comprehensive Animal Welfare Legislation Database (AWLD). The database has direct links to official texts, national laws, OIE standards and universal proposals to build a better world for animals through law at every level (local to universal), for every major goal (Adoption, Enforcement, Improvement and Education) and for every timeline (from quick wins to utopias).

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