Dr Dorothy McKeegan

Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow

Dorothy McKeegan studied Zoology at the University of Glasgow before completing the MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare at Edinburgh University in 1995.  She gained her PhD (on feather pecking behaviour in hens at the Roslin Institute) in 1999.  Dorothy is currently the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow, where she delivers an integrated teaching programme for animal welfare and ethics in undergraduate and postgraduate curricula.  She co-coordinates the MSc in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law.

Dorothy has wide ranging research interests relating to animal welfare and animal ethics, with expertise in behaviour and neurophysiology and a particular interest in poultry welfare.  She has worked extensively on avian pain, sensory physiology and humane slaughter, leading projects on avian chemical senses, beak trimming, emergency killing for disease control and development of new humane methods of on-farm killing.  Recently she has been working on the development of infrared thermography as a novel welfare assessment approach in birds, and has been evaluating the welfare impact of Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning.  Dorothy has extensive direct contact with the poultry industry, providing consultancy on welfare issues, attending expert groups and leading various collaborative projects with both primary producers and processors.   

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