Dr Kaewta Satayaprasert

Veterinary Programmes Officer, World Animal Protection

Dr Kaewta Satayaprasert (Goy) joined World Animal Protection in February 2013 as the Veterinary Programmes Officer, in order to follow her passion for animals and serving the public society. Her work mainly focuses on ensuring that animal welfare is being taught throughout the veterinary curriculum in the Asian region, and also building a capacity of animal welfare teaching in veterinary schools.

Goy graduated from the Veterinary faculty, Kasetsart University in Thailand in 2006. She started her career as a government veterinary officer under Department of Rabies Control, Ministry of Public Health. Her main roles were giving rabies vaccinations, and neutering dogs and cats as part of the companion animal population management in Bangkok. Then, she moved on to pursue a position as a veterinary lecturer in veterinary faculty, Technology of Mahanakorn University where she worked for over 2 years teaching Theriogenology in Companion Animals. Whilst working in the veterinary faculty she also extended her interest in Human Psychology, and in 2011 she completed the Master degree of science in Clinical and Community Psychology. She believed this would improve her career as a veterinarian and an educator; “I think that education is not just telling people what to do anymore but also asking them the right questions and inspire them with our information”.

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