Dr Nancy Clarke

Research Manager, World Animal Protection

Nancy is a Research Manager at World Animal Protection and is based in London. She has qualifications and experience in human psychology, applied animal behaviour, and welfare and education [PhD, MSc (Distinction), BSc (Hons), GCHE]. Nancy has worked for World Animal Protection since February 2012.

She’s been engaged in tertiary animal welfare education for over 9 years, both as a Lecturer and Programme Director, working with students of animal technology, animal behaviour and welfare, veterinary nursing and veterinary science at the University of Edinburgh (Dick) School of Veterinary Science, The University of Bristol School of Veterinary Science, Unitec New Zealand and the Open College of Equine Studies. Nancy has also worked to provide in-house training and community facing education programmes for a range of animal charities and non-governmental organisations in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East North Africa Region.

Nancy’s scientific research has focused on attitudes towards animal welfare, focusing in particular on the themes of pain assessment and belief in animal sentience in the context of veterinary medicine. In 2013 she gained a PhD from the School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Bristol (UK) concerning veterinary attitudes towards animal welfare and education. She is also a Committee Member and Student Liaison Officer for the Animal Welfare Ethics and Law Veterinary Association (AWSELVA).


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