Gerardo Huertas

Regional Disasters Operations Director, World Animal Protection

Gerardo leads disaster operations in Latin America, and disaster risk reduction Initiatives for Climate Change Adaptation in the Latin American regions.

A Marine Biologist by trade, and with post-graduate studies in Law & HR, Gerardo started working for World Animal Protection (then named WSPA) in early 1982 by building and running the first animal shelter in the region. Since then he has participated in relief operations in the Nicaraguan Civil War, Afghanistan, Kosovo, the Asian Tsunami, the Haiti earthquake, hurricanes and over 100 emergencies involving animals. He is currently leading the emergency relief of the Ecuador earthquake.

Gerardo lives in Costa Rica, is married with two kids and has a dog named Bolt; he is passionate about martial arts, rock climbing and tennis, and recently wrote a Sci-Fi novel, which he hopes to see it featured in the movies!

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