Liam Slattery

Global Head of Investigation & Evidence, World Animal Protection.

As World Animal Protection's Global Head of Investigation & Evidence, Liam is responsible for developing, managing and conducting field and desk-based investigations, evidence collection and collation, and intelligence analysis. He also integrates these methodologies and their subsequent findings across the organisation’s programmes, to enable innovative campaigning outputs and maximise strategic outcomes.

Following professional training as a daily newspaper reporter, and after gaining an arts and humanities honours degree, he initially focused on social, environmental and campaigning journalism. Today he has nearly fifteen years’ experience of investigative research and reporting in the international animal welfare and protection sector; utilising print, web, photographic, broadcast and specialist footage, and data-led formats. He has also contributed to peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals.

Liam has operated around the world, in often challenging conditions and hostile environments, to expose a wide range of agriculture and livestock, marine, wildlife and domestic animal issues - documenting their causes and drivers, impacts, and solutions. The evidence obtained has driven many campaigns, gaining coverage in national, international, print and broadcast news and current affairs media, featured in globally distributed documentaries, and been recognised with an RSPCA award.

Having undertaken post graduate study of trans-national organised crime, Liam has a particular interest in the role of the globalised ‘shadow’ economy, organised criminal groups, illicit and corruption-facilitated activity and actors; their  impacts and exploitation of flora, fauna, natural resources and vulnerable societies; and the development of innovative law-enforcement, regulatory agency, industry and community-based collaborations to disrupt and counter their operations. 

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