Melania Gamboa

Veterinary Programmes Manager, World Animal Protection

Melania Gamboa was born in the province of San Jose, Costa Rica. She graduated from Kansas State University, USA with a bachelor in sciences and a degree in veterinary medicine. 

Upon leaving university Melania started working for Hospital Veterinarios Asociados, a small veterinary clinic in Costa Rica. Since mid-2010 she moved to World Animal Protection as a veterinary programmes manager for the Mexico, Central America and Caribbean office and then all of Latin America. Some of the most important projects that have been under her charge are the decrease and elimination of cruel mass culling of dogs and cats, and the introduction of animal welfare into the curriculum of veterinary medicine universities across the region. 

Melania has lead on co-ordinating the creation of the 5 keys to prevent dog bites material in partnership with Global Alliance of Rabies Control (GARC) and Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO). She is currently working with the National Animal Health Service in Costa Rica in a national project to improve the welfare of companion animals, as well as supporting other Latin American governments in the implementation of Dog Population Management programmes.

She also speaks fluent Spanish and English and has a special interest in animal sentience, cognition and behaviour.  

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