Shakira Free-Miles, RVN

RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

Shakira is a registered veterinary nurse and an active veterinary professional in many animal welfare societies. She volunteers abroad, writes articles on animal welfare and is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW).

As a young child Shakira was fascinated by animals and strived to have a job where she could relieve any animal suffering. In 2009 she completed her veterinary nursing degree and nursing qualifications in 2009, and began working within animal welfare charities. After experiencing some troubling cases in her work she decided to speak out and make a real difference. Inspired by the work of fellow veterinary professionals such as Marc Abraham, Shakira decided to do something about a law known as breed specific legislation. This law forces veterinary professionals to euthanise dogs based on their looks. Shakira soon realised she had a powerful voice and decided to start her own campaign known as ‘The SaveABulls’, which has taken off with real success.

Skaira has recently won the CEVA title of ‘Veterinary Nurse of the Year 2016’ animal welfare award for her dedication to animal welfare, and in particular for starting a unique veterinary led campaign to end breed specific legislation and to promote education, not legislation.

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