Timm Juul Jensen

M.Sc. Biology, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Timm Juul Jensen just finished his M.Sc. in Conservation biology from Aalborg University, Denmark. Here his research focused on the exploitation of African snakes for the pet, skin and bushmeat trades.

His primary interests revolve around the quantification of global threats to reptile species often neglected by conservationists. Working with snakes is something he especially enjoys and he has extensive experience in reptile management. As part of a larger project aiming to quantify the trade and hunting pressure on African snakes, Timm spent time in West Africa where he investigated how the bushmeat crisis affects snake populations.

Timm is an advisory committee member for Save The Snakes, is a recipient of the Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation grant (here), and ​works in an honorary capacity at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig (here). You will be able to find some of his research here.





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