Five tips to prevent dog bites

Every year, tens of millions of people are bitten by dogs, often because they do not know how to read a dog’s body language correctly. Children are the most likely to be bitten. 

At World Animal Protection, we’ve developed these resources for primary school teachers; to help children aged four to 12 learn how to read a dog’s body language. We hope this will reduce the number of children bitten by dogs around the world.

Although this material is designed to be used by primary school teachers, it can also be used by health professionals as part of public health campaigns.

Dog bites may cause painful injuries, or worse – they can spread diseases. Rabies is a preventable disease yet an estimated 59,000 people globally die from this annually. More than 99% of these cases are transmitted through dog bites.

Five tips - resources

  1. User guide: This guide explains what’s in the pack, how it should be used, and how it can be reproduced
  2. Teacher’s guide: Here we explain the importance of preventing dog bites, the reasons why dogs bite, and the basic principles of how to avoid being bitten are outlined. We also suggest some classroom activities to help children learn more effectively.
  3. A3 poster: Here the five tips to prevent dog bites are illustrated. This can be used to help children remember what they have learned during classroom activities. This is also available as an 80cm x 180cm banner.
  4. Flashcards: These A4 sized illustrations are the ones used in the poster. They can be used in the classroom to support the teaching of the five tips to prevent dog bites. They also can be photocopied in black and white so that children can colour them in.
  5. The below animation outlines five tips to prevent dog bites. It can be used as a support for classroom activities. Please contact us to request the video in another language, it is available in Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Serbian.


Five tips to prevent dog bites