The Global Animal Law project in brief

Sabine Brels who is a French lawyer with a specific background in international animal law. Follow­ing her fist degree in ecology from Cadiz University, she graduated with a law degree in her home city of Montpellier. She then completed her LL.M (Masters in International Wildlife Law) at Laval University in Canada where she has done her LL.D. (Doctorate in Global Animal Law). Sabine has also worked as a legal consultant for Inter-Governmental Organizations: Secretar­iat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (UNEP), and the Ramsar Convention; Non-Gov­ernmental Organizations: WWF International; and Research Centers: CIRAD for the IMoSEB Project, and the University of California Berkley for the Moorea Biocode Project.

The Global Animal Law (GAL) project is an innovative platform providing useful tools and legal proposals in order to create a better world for animals in the law. It is the brainchild of the Swiss lawyer Antoine F. Goetschel (President) and myself. This project is aiming to unite all animal lawyers and animal lovers, to bring their ideas together for the benefit of all animals globally.

One major feature of the GAL website is the GAL Matrix. This new concept contains numerous proposals for a better treatment of animals through the law. Everyone is invited to submit new suggestions. These can range from short-term proposals to "utopian" ideas (or recommended changes that may seem far-fetched in today’s world, but can become normality in due course). Simply working through the Matrix can be beneficial for all, as it contains a wealth of experi­ence in the fields of law making, implementation, lobbying and scientific knowledge. At every level (local, district, national, regional and universal), 4 goals are identified in order to: Adopt new legislation, Improve current legal system, Enforce legislation better and Edu­cate on animal law protection. The complete and synthetic knowledge of the GAL Matrix can be used, especially, for drafting legislation. With the help of the GAL experts, it can show the next steps to take in every context and encourage the legislators as every stakeholders (attor­neys, judges, police controlling law enforcement etc.) to make progress in order to better pro­tect animals through the law.

Worldwide access

A major innovation of this website is the first exhaustive, actual and reliable “Database” on animal legislation worldwide. Called the Animal Welfare Legislation Database (AWLD), it has been realised by the French lawyer and co-creator of the GAL Project, Sabine Brels. Direct links to the official texts at national level (animal laws, constitutional provisions and civil codes upgrading the legal status of animals) are provided for more than 100 countries all around the world, as well as all the listing of animal welfare instruments at European level (from the Coun­cil of Europe and European Union), International level (OIE Standards) and Universal level (Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) proposal).

Myself and Antoine,are assisted for peer-review­ing the most relevant proposals from contributors ("GAL Dolphins") by the Steering Committee (“GAL Owls”), composed of influential animal law experts from around the world: Birgitta Wahl­berg (Finland), Tom Kelch (US), Jean-Marc Neumann (France) and Alex Bruce (Australia). At the initiative of Pr Birgitta Wahlberg, the GAL owls have also drafted the GAL Declaration Proposal of Animal Rights and Freedoms. A number of prominent people are also supporting the GAL Project, including the Australian philosopher Peter Singer, the President of the Nonhuman Rights Project Steven Wise, the biologist Professor Marc Bekoff, and the Buddhist author Mat­thieu Ricard.

The GAL project is calling for animal lovers to support this project worldwide, in every way they can. Apart from using the matrix proposals, animal lawyers - from students to professors – can pool their knowledge in joining the GAL expert group. To date, more than 50 animal law experts are part of the GAL “foxes” from everywhere in the world. As a new unique initiative, the GAL project is also the first one to have an interview series of major animal lawyers with 14 short informative video-interviews in the end of 2016.

In order to help the GAL project to make its proposals come true, as well as social demand for more protective law for the animals, everyone can make financial donations, or support, in a brand-new way, in the collection of funds and receive a commission for their help. The GAL project is also providing for “Relevant links” to global animal law reviews, declarations and a map of animal law courses in the world with all the relevant information for everyone interested in learning animal law, either at the universities and/or online.

In sum, the GAL Project is a constructive innovation, making new proposals and leading the way to make a better world for the animals, toward a true global justice for all!


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