Interview with Dr Alan McElligott's PhD student Luigi Baciadonna

Luigi Baciadonna is a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, as part of Dr Alan McElligott's research team. He is investigating the use of vocalisations, behavioural and physiological parameters to access affective states and cognition in goats, “We cannot ask the goats how they feel, but we can assess their emotions by using these parameters”. His research is conducted in part at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats, UK.

Luigi’s research, supervised by Alan McElligott, explores whether goats are able to form an expectation of reward, and the emotional responses induced by the discrepancy between the expected and received reward. The emotional responses of the goats are assessed using different measures; including vocalisations, behavioural and physiological parameters. The study provides information on the behaviour and emotional responses of goats, findings from such research can be used to improve the welfare of goats which are commonly used in farming.

Interview with Luigi Baciadonna, Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats,UK


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