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18 August 2016
This World Animal Protection case study shows the importance of innovative and practical disaster risk reduction work in typhoon affected areas.
12 March 2018
The study highlights implications of defining a dog’s breed based solely on physical characteristics.
02 March 2018
The sustainability of shark fishing in Indonesia was investigated, an alarming situation for numerous threatened shark species was discovered.
01 March 2018
World Animal Protection is looking to recruit a volunteer research assistant to help with some exciting new research.
19 February 2018
This study measures dog density and characteristics to inform dog population management strategies.
14 February 2018
Dr Elly Hiby, discusses a recent evaluation of World Animal Protection's Red Collar campaign, which aimed to end the inhumane culling of dogs.
30 January 2018
This article studies the methods used in the annual capture and killing of whales and dolphins in Japan.
30 January 2018
This research investigated if eye temperature can be used as a reliable measure of emotional states in domestic dogs.
04 January 2018
In this study the behaviour and environmental preferences of free- range hens were observed.
04 January 2018
Gemma Carder, Research Manager at World Animal Protection, shares some initial research findings looking at the welfare of sloths.