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04 December 2017
Helen Lambert, animal welfare scientist, discusses her views on animal sentience in legislation.
19 September 2017
Ricardo Fajardo, Head of External Affairs, World Animal Protection shares his views on the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare (UDAW).
12 June 2017
Sabine Brels, French lawyer, has just published her thesis exploring the global evolution of animal welfare law.
10 May 2017
This paper summarises the classification of Halal meat, and the problems found within the food industry regarding certification.
10 May 2017
Manuel Magalhães Sant'Ana, shares his opinions on bull fighting, including social norms and traditions associated with it.
18 April 2017
This paper discusses the legal protection granted to cephalopods used in scientific research. Evidence of their sentience and ability to suffer a
25 January 2017
Sabine Brels discusses her views on the current legal status of animals.
07 December 2016
Sabine Brels, an expert in international animal law, discusses the Global Animal Law project.
26 August 2016
This module discusses the OIE (the World Organisation for Animal Health) in relation to its role in animal welfare
26 August 2016
This module explores what some of the world’s religions think about animals and how some scholars within each religion interpret these teachings