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30 January 2018
This research investigated if eye temperature can be used as a reliable measure of emotional states in domestic dogs.
23 October 2017
This study explores first-year vet and equine science students ability to interpret horse's emotional states.
06 December 2016
In this blog, Min talks about her fascinating research exploring how dogs process human emotions.
25 August 2016
This module covers what we mean by euthanasia, why we euthanase animals, when we euthanase and who decides, and how to kill animals humanely
15 August 2016
Dr Min Hooi Yong discusses her recent research investigting dog emotions, whether dogs are able to recognise human emotions, and how this affects them.
09 August 2016
This research explored the behaviour of dogs, with the aim of identifying whether they show an empathic response to distressed humans.
09 August 2016
Research shows that the direction of a dog’s tail wag may indicate their emotional state.
01 August 2016
Min is currently a lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Sunway University, Malaysia, with research in emotional recognition in animals.