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24 April 2017
This study examined the levels of stress exhibited by dogs in a veterinary clinic using both questionnaires and behaviour tests.
23 March 2017
World Animal Protection has worked with the veterinary community to establish a system whereby vet schools that demonstrate good standards in animal welfare
14 October 2016
Melania is a veterinarian, and is the Veterinary Programmes Manager at World Animal Protection.
31 August 2016
Do you work in a veterinary clinic? Would you like to work with us to help educate pet owners and their children about dog bite prevention?
26 August 2016
This module provides an overview of how human interactions with animals affects their welfare
26 August 2016
This module covers companion animal welfare and the role vets have in addressing the issues
25 August 2016
This module covers what we mean by euthanasia, why we euthanase animals, when we euthanase and who decides, and how to kill animals humanely
25 August 2016
This module provides an overview of common welfare problems in companion animals
01 August 2016
Shakira is an active veterinary professional in animal welfare societies and runs ‘The SaveABulls’ campaign against breed specific legislation.