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18 August 2016
This World Animal Protection case study shows the importance of innovative and practical disaster risk reduction work in typhoon affected areas.
12 June 2017
Hear about Mongolia’s recent dzud, and how LEGS – the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards- is helping to protect livestock.
06 February 2017
This study explored links between infant mortality and livestock numbers, meat and milk product consumption, and climate data during winter
07 December 2016
Cathy discuses the drought which hit Ethiopia in 2015, and how the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards were used during this time.
10 November 2016
This study examines the varied risks and responses of Australian animal owners who are more vulnerable to bushfires and other disasters.
14 September 2016
Gerardo Huertas, discusses his experience of working to reduce the impact of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica.
26 August 2016
This module provides an overview of the role of vets in disaster management and identifies how you can get further training
19 August 2016
This study is the first to investigate the challenges faced by various organisations when managing animals in emergencies within Australia.
19 August 2016
World Animal Protection conducted a study to identify the perception of risk pet owners regarding eventual disasters in urban Latin America.