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06 June 2018
The research team examined short- and long-term changes in the behaviour of pinnipeds in Uruguay in response to human approaches over time.
29 May 2018
The authors of this study investigated attitudes towards “charismatic” species, and potential impacts on conservation.
21 May 2018
This study compares two methods for monitoring the impact of cage diving on white shark populations in South Australia.
27 March 2018
This research investigated African elephants ability to detect human scents.
02 March 2018
The sustainability of shark fishing in Indonesia was investigated, an alarming situation for numerous threatened shark species was discovered.
30 January 2018
This article studies the methods used in the annual capture and killing of whales and dolphins in Japan.
04 January 2018
Gemma Carder, Research Manager at World Animal Protection, shares some initial research findings looking at the welfare of sloths.
14 December 2017
Timm Juul Jensen just finished his M.Sc. in Conservation biology from Aalborg University, Denmark.
13 December 2017
Dr Tanya Wyatt's research specialisms are wildlife trafficking and animal welfare.
13 December 2017
Katie Thompson is a Research Associate working at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Life and Environmental Sciences at Bournemouth Univer