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23 October 2017
Georgina Allen, discusses her views on the non-human rights movement, and what this may mean for wild animals in captivity.
29 September 2017
Packing bands and other debris are a large threat to marine life. The study investigates the global entanglement of pinnipeds.
14 September 2017
This study investigated the extent of marine debris entanglement in South American fur seals and sea lions.
31 August 2017
Lauren Valentine, Veterinary nurse talks about her time volunteering with Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in Malawi.
09 August 2017
The study investigates the cost-effectiveness of marine turtle rehabilitation practices in Queensland and examines rehabilitation outcomes.
01 August 2017
Georgina Allen, shares her views on the behaviour and welfare of wild captive animals.
12 July 2017
This study explored the behaviour and welfare of red footed tortoises and bearded dragons.
09 March 2017
This paper highlights a study demonstrating that water pools encourage displays of natural behaviour in captive tigers.
07 March 2017
Simple checklists to help tour companies assess whether the animal activities provided by venues demonstrate good animal welfare or not
28 February 2017
Lauren Valentine discusses her views on the current state of the planet and how human activities are effecting animals.