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31 August 2017
Lauren Valentine, Veterinary nurse talks about her time volunteering with Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in Malawi.
12 June 2017
Be part of an important research project exploring vet’s perceptions of animal abuse.
24 April 2017
This study examined the levels of stress exhibited by dogs in a veterinary clinic using both questionnaires and behaviour tests.
23 March 2017
World Animal Protection has worked with the veterinary community to establish a system whereby vet schools that demonstrate good standards in animal welfare
03 January 2017
This study shows that fifth year Italian veterinary students have less empathy towards animals than first year students.
03 January 2017
This study is the first to explore Croatian veterinary students’ views on farm animal welfare.
20 December 2016
This paper describes the most valuable methods of teaching animal welfare and ethics to veterinary students.
21 November 2016
In his first blog, Dr Manuel Magalhaes-Sant’Ana discuses how, and why, veterinary ethics should be taught to veterinary students.
27 October 2016
Dr Manuel Magalhaes-Sant’Ana is a European veterinary specialist in animal welfare science, ethics and law.
14 October 2016
Melania is a veterinarian, and is the Veterinary Programmes Manager at World Animal Protection.