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18 August 2016
This World Animal Protection case study shows the importance of innovative and practical disaster risk reduction work in typhoon affected areas.
26 March 2018
Dr Alan McElligott, Associate Professor (Reader) of Animal Behaviour at the University of Roehampton discusses some of his research on goats.
19 September 2017
Ricardo Fajardo, Head of External Affairs, World Animal Protection shares his views on the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare (UDAW).
12 June 2017
Sabine Brels, French lawyer, has just published her thesis exploring the global evolution of animal welfare law.
12 June 2017
Be part of an important research project exploring vet’s perceptions of animal abuse.
23 March 2017
World Animal Protection has worked with the veterinary community to establish a system whereby vet schools that demonstrate good standards in animal welfare
07 December 2016
Dr Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist, discusses the Whale Sanctuary Project and her work to end the captive display of cetaceans.
13 October 2016
World Animal Protection discovered the untraceable fate of thousands of illegally traded wild animals, showing a need to improve reporting.
14 September 2016
This research explores the extent of the ghost fishing gear problem in Cornwall in the UK, and the implications it has for animal welfare.
05 September 2016
World Animal Protection developed a set of guidelines and standards that help veterinary schools work towards implementation of animal welfare.