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26 March 2018
Dr Alan McElligott, Associate Professor (Reader) of Animal Behaviour at the University of Roehampton discusses some of his research on goats.
17 August 2016
Steven Wise, from the Nonhuman Rights Project explains why he thinks animals should have their legal status changed from ‘things’ to ‘persons’.
15 August 2016
Professor Jones discusses the ethical considerations of animal use, and the relationship between animal sentience, cognition and moral status.
15 August 2016
Luigi Baciadonna, PhD student, discusses his research on goat intelligence, cognition and emotion, which is conducted at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats, UK.
15 August 2016
British Veterinary Association (BVA) Senior Vice President Sean Wensley shares his views on the importance of animal sentience.
15 August 2016
Dr Min Hooi Yong discusses her recent research investigting dog emotions, whether dogs are able to recognise human emotions, and how this affects them.
15 August 2016
Dr Liv Baker expresses her views on compassionate conservation, with a focus on individual animal welfare and perils of wildlife translocations.
15 August 2016
Dr Antoine Goetschel discusses the importance of legal protection for animals, and the relationship between animal sentience and law.
11 August 2016
Helen, Sentience Manager at World Animal Protection talks about her recent research exploring measures of cow emotions.