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23 March 2017
World Animal Protection has worked with the veterinary community to establish a system whereby vet schools that demonstrate good standards in animal welfare
31 August 2016
Do you work in a veterinary clinic? Would you like to work with us to help educate pet owners and their children about dog bite prevention?
30 August 2016
Dr Katie Hampson discusses infectious and zoonotic diseases, with particular focus on her rabies and mass dog vaccination programme research.
18 August 2016
This animated video was produced by World Animal Protection to illustrate how herd immunity can be created to stop the transmission of rabies.
18 August 2016
Read World Animal Protection’s guidelines on how to implement Mass dog vaccinations (MDV) programmes in a safe and humane way.
18 August 2016
World Animal Protection has developed a pack to help teach children how to read a dog’s body language and how to avoid being bitten.
18 August 2016
World Animal Protection works to improve the lives of free-roaming dogs worldwide. Read our approach in our humane dog management guidelines.
15 August 2016
Dr Min Hooi Yong discusses her recent research investigting dog emotions, whether dogs are able to recognise human emotions, and how this affects them.