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07 December 2016
Dr Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist, discusses the Whale Sanctuary Project and her work to end the captive display of cetaceans.
13 October 2016
World Animal Protection discovered the untraceable fate of thousands of illegally traded wild animals, showing a need to improve reporting.
23 August 2016
Over 190 travel companies have joined our movement to end elephant rides and shows. Do you want to join them?
18 August 2016
Watch World Animal Protection’s video, where our wildlife expert Dr Neil D’Cruze explains why we think wild animals belong in the wild.
18 August 2016
World Animal Protection’s report ‘Tiger selfies exposed’ reveals how tigers are bred, used and abused to create entertainment for tourists.
18 August 2016
World Animal Protection is encouraging travel companies to stop selling and promoting cruel elephant entertainment to tourist.
15 August 2016
Dr Peter Li talks about meat consumption and animal production, and how Chinese attitudes and law are changing in favour of animal protection.
11 August 2016
Victor Watkins describes his experiences in various wildlife campaigns, and discusses challenges faced in wild animal welfare and conservation.