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14 September 2016
This research explores the extent of the ghost fishing gear problem in Cornwall in the UK, and the implications it has for animal welfare.
23 August 2016
Over 190 travel companies have joined our movement to end elephant rides and shows. Do you want to join them?
18 August 2016
World Animal Protection’s report ‘Tiger selfies exposed’ reveals how tigers are bred, used and abused to create entertainment for tourists.
18 August 2016
World Animal Protection is encouraging travel companies to stop selling and promoting cruel elephant entertainment to tourist.
18 August 2016
See how during milk production, high yields can be achieved when providing good welfare for cows.
18 August 2016
This case study shows how a Brazilian company’s model of chicken meat and egg production is highly productive and achieves good animal welfare.
18 August 2016
This case study highlights the benefits of using high welfare practices in pig farming and pig treatment, focussing on group housing of sows.
15 August 2016
Dr Dorothy McKeegan talks about her role in poultry welfare research, ethical education for consumers, and legal protection of invertebrates.