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30 January 2019
New research looks into the personalities of dairy cows and provides new insights into their complex social relationships.
14 February 2018
Dr Elly Hiby, discusses a recent evaluation of World Animal Protection's Red Collar campaign, which aimed to end the inhumane culling of dogs.
04 January 2018
Gemma Carder, Research Manager at World Animal Protection, shares some initial research findings looking at the welfare of sloths.
02 January 2018
Christian Nawroth, discusses some fascinating new research looking at lateralization in pigs.
04 December 2017
Helen Lambert, animal welfare scientist, discusses her views on animal sentience in legislation.
29 November 2017
Christian Nawroth, discusses the complex emotional lives of cows.
07 November 2017
Robert Jones, Department of Philosophy, California State University, shares his views on a recent paper on industrial farming.
23 October 2017
Georgina Allen, discusses her views on the non-human rights movement, and what this may mean for wild animals in captivity.
31 August 2017
Lauren Valentine, Veterinary nurse talks about her time volunteering with Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in Malawi.
07 August 2017
Hear from Christian Nawroth about fascinating new research exploring cognitive capacities of pigs.