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04 January 2018
Gemma Carder, Research Manager at World Animal Protection, shares some initial research findings looking at the welfare of sloths.
23 October 2017
Georgina Allen, discusses her views on the non-human rights movement, and what this may mean for wild animals in captivity.
31 August 2017
Lauren Valentine, Veterinary nurse talks about her time volunteering with Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in Malawi.
01 August 2017
Georgina Allen, shares her views on the behaviour and welfare of wild captive animals.
28 February 2017
Lauren Valentine discusses her views on the current state of the planet and how human activities are effecting animals.
05 September 2016
World Animal Protection’s Neil D’Cruze discusses consumer attitudes to the exotic pet trade, and the human and animal risks involved.
17 August 2016
Laura McAnea explains some of the practical and ethical reasons why she believes a ban on keeping pet primates should be implemented in the UK.
15 August 2016
Dr Lori Marino describes how the Whale Sanctuary Project is building the first seaside sanctuary in North America for formerly captive cetaceans.