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07 November 2017
Robert Jones, Department of Philosophy, California State University, shares his views on a recent paper on industrial farming.
10 May 2017
Manuel Magalhães Sant'Ana, shares his opinions on bull fighting, including social norms and traditions associated with it.
06 December 2016
Robert Jones shares his thoughts on the moral consideration of animals.
28 September 2016
Emma Milne, TV vet and author, tells us why she believes children and education are the absolute key to improving animal welfare.
17 August 2016
In this blog post, Gemma Carder discusses some of the academic findings exploring our different attitudes towards animals.
15 August 2016
What happens with our animals when disaster strikes? Associate Professor Thompson explains why disaster preparedness is vital for animal owners.
15 August 2016
Lauren Valentine recalls her journey from an ordinary life in London to being an eco-warrior, conservationist, and advocate for all animals.
15 August 2016
Caroline Spence, a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, explains why she thinks consumers need more information on modern farming.