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01 August 2017
Georgina Allen, shares her views on the behaviour and welfare of wild captive animals.
03 July 2017
Julie Adams, nature lover and guest blogger describes the fascinating behaviour of puffer fish.
12 June 2017
Hear about Mongolia’s recent dzud, and how LEGS – the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards- is helping to protect livestock.
10 May 2017
Manuel Magalhães Sant'Ana, shares his opinions on bull fighting, including social norms and traditions associated with it.
26 April 2017
Liv Baker, Centre for Compassionate Conservation, discusses considering the individual animal in wildlife conservation.
10 April 2017
Helen Lambert, Animal Welfare Scientist, discusses the importance of considering positive emotions in animals.
13 March 2017
Christian Nawroth, Research Fellow, Queen Mary University of London, discusses his latest research on goat cognition.
28 February 2017
Lauren Valentine discusses her views on the current state of the planet and how human activities are effecting animals.
25 January 2017
Sabine Brels discusses her views on the current legal status of animals.
07 December 2016
Sabine Brels, an expert in international animal law, discusses the Global Animal Law project.