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07 December 2016
Cathy discuses the drought which hit Ethiopia in 2015, and how the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards were used during this time.
06 December 2016
In this blog, Min talks about her fascinating research exploring how dogs process human emotions.
06 December 2016
Robert Jones shares his thoughts on the moral consideration of animals.
21 November 2016
In his first blog, Dr Manuel Magalhaes-Sant’Ana discuses how, and why, veterinary ethics should be taught to veterinary students.
08 November 2016
Christian Nawroth, discusses his research exploring social learning in goats.
14 October 2016
In her first blog, Melania Gamboa, recalls her recent visit to an animal shelter, including bringing one of the dogs home with her.
28 September 2016
Emma Milne, TV vet and author, tells us why she believes children and education are the absolute key to improving animal welfare.
27 September 2016
In her first blog, Dr Liv Baker asks us: How do we create a culture where compassion is an integral function of our conservation practice?
16 September 2016
In this blog, Dr Kaewta Satayaprasert describes her role in bringing animal welfare concepts into veterinary education in the Asian region.
14 September 2016
Gerardo Huertas, discusses his experience of working to reduce the impact of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica.