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01 August 2018
The study investigated the effectiveness of international animal welfare initiatives by interviewing leaders in the animal welfare movement.
18 June 2018
This paper looks at how the safari hunting ban in Botswana of 2014 affected the local communities and wildlife populations.
18 June 2018
The researchers investigated the influence of environmental factors when using infrared thermography for eye temperature measurements in cattle.
06 June 2018
The research team examined short- and long-term changes in the behaviour of pinnipeds in Uruguay in response to human approaches over time.
29 May 2018
The authors of this study investigated attitudes towards “charismatic” species, and potential impacts on conservation.
21 May 2018
This study compares two methods for monitoring the impact of cage diving on white shark populations in South Australia.
09 May 2018
This study investigated the utility of data on African elephants’ speed of travel during the day and night as an indicator of poaching activity
04 May 2018
Dietary trends towards vegetarianism and veganism have been increasingly demonstrable over recent years in the Western context, for reasons including concern
10 April 2018
This report shows the findings of a qualitative evaluation on the effectiveness of the ʼRed Collarʼ rabies vaccination campaign.
04 April 2018
This study aimed to investigate market potential for medium and high welfare pork.