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30 January 2018
This research investigated if eye temperature can be used as a reliable measure of emotional states in domestic dogs.
30 November 2017
This study explored if emotional contagion occurs in horses by assessing their response to whinnies produced by horses during different contexts.
23 October 2017
This study explores first-year vet and equine science students ability to interpret horse's emotional states.
01 August 2017
This paper explores elephants’ cognition and self-awareness through investigating perceptions of the body as a hindrance to task completion.
12 July 2017
This study explored the behaviour and welfare of red footed tortoises and bearded dragons.
13 June 2017
This study investigated perceptions of fish sentience and welfare amongst citizens in Bogota, Colombia and Curitiba, Brazil.
10 May 2017
This study investigated associations between chimpanzee personality and welfare and the reliability of care-giver welfare assessments.
18 April 2017
This paper discusses the legal protection granted to cephalopods used in scientific research. Evidence of their sentience and ability to suffer a
11 April 2017
This study assesses the benefits of using pro-inflammatory gene expression as an indicator for stress levels in poultry.
16 March 2017
This study investigated methods used by free-ranging cheetahs in Botswana to reunite with known conspecifics following a period of separation.