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05 October 2017
This study highlights the importance and effectiveness of teaching primary school children about animal welfare.
13 June 2017
Disgust is an emotion that we all experience, but what happens when this feeling impacts on our desire to protect certain animals?
19 May 2017
This research explored which issues related to wildlife the media reports on.
03 April 2017
This paper explores how the term ‘animal’ is defined by upper-level undergraduate students taking courses in biology-related subjects.
21 March 2017
This study assesses the variety of teaching styles in farm animal welfare education in five distinct regions across Europe.
04 January 2017
This study explored and compared the knowledge of animals from different aged schoolchildren from six different countries.
03 January 2017
This study shows that fifth year Italian veterinary students have less empathy towards animals than first year students.
03 January 2017
This study is the first to explore Croatian veterinary students’ views on farm animal welfare.
20 December 2016
This paper describes the most valuable methods of teaching animal welfare and ethics to veterinary students.
09 August 2016
This is the first study to use various attitude scales to explore how German children and adolescents feel towards animals.