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18 June 2018
This paper looks at how the safari hunting ban in Botswana of 2014 affected the local communities and wildlife populations.
10 April 2018
This report shows the findings of a qualitative evaluation on the effectiveness of the ʼRed Collarʼ rabies vaccination campaign.
19 March 2018
This study investigated how humans rated dog facial expressions, and the extent to which this was affected by observers’ psychological traits.
12 March 2018
The study highlights implications of defining a dog’s breed based solely on physical characteristics.
19 February 2018
This study measures dog density and characteristics to inform dog population management strategies.
30 January 2018
This research investigated if eye temperature can be used as a reliable measure of emotional states in domestic dogs.
13 December 2017
This study investigated the welfare status and owner’s perceptions of working horses in two culturally different Chilean regions.
13 November 2017
The study investigates the relationship between demographics and preferences when acquiring a dog.
23 October 2017
This study explores first-year vet and equine science students ability to interpret horse's emotional states.

research: Reigning in rabies

18 October 2017
This paper summarises dog population management tools, and their effectiveness in eradicating rabies in low-income countries.