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08 August 2017
This study looks at why people desire pedigree dogs with major health problems even though public awareness of these diseases is on the rise.
24 April 2017
This study examined the levels of stress exhibited by dogs in a veterinary clinic using both questionnaires and behaviour tests.
05 January 2017
Vaccine inaccessibility, high numbers of free roaming dogs, and lack of veterinary care reduce the efficacy of rabies control schemes in Haiti.
28 October 2016
Research shows that dogs belonging to homeless people are healthy and have less behavioural problems than dogs owned by people living in homes.
15 September 2016
An intensive Mass Dog Vaccination programme used two vaccination strategies and the Mission Rabies smartphone app to vaccinate over 35,000 dogs.
09 August 2016
This research explored the behaviour of dogs, with the aim of identifying whether they show an empathic response to distressed humans.
09 August 2016
The epidemiologic aspects of dog aggression and dog bites was investigated during a worship in Brazil, and the findings are summarised here.
09 August 2016
Could a sudden rabies outbreak in a town in India have been triggered by a bitch who had recently given birth to pups?
09 August 2016
A review of the population growth of free-roaming dogs in India found very high rates of early life pup mortality, largely caused by humans.
09 August 2016
The relationships between people and free-roaming dogs are explored within a town in Brazil which runs a community dog programme.