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18 June 2018
The researchers investigated the influence of environmental factors when using infrared thermography for eye temperature measurements in cattle.
04 May 2018
Dietary trends towards vegetarianism and veganism have been increasingly demonstrable over recent years in the Western context, for reasons including concern
04 April 2018
This study aimed to investigate market potential for medium and high welfare pork.
04 January 2018
In this study the behaviour and environmental preferences of free- range hens were observed.
15 December 2017
The study aimed to uncover the characteristics that are considered most important for the ‘ideal’ pig by the U.S. public.
07 November 2017
This study investigated the potential for carcass skin and tail lesions to function as ‘iceberg indicators’ of pig welfare.
14 September 2017
This study explored Dutch consumers’ attitudes towards broiler chicken welfare as reflected through their willingness to pay for better welfare.
04 September 2017
This paper assesses the information that companies are publishing about their animal welfare strategies.
30 August 2017
Customers in Chile were interviewed about their prior knowledge and opinions about animal welfare in the dairy industry.
15 August 2017
This paper outlines the main welfare issues relating to the production of foie gras.