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01 August 2018
The study investigated the effectiveness of international animal welfare initiatives by interviewing leaders in the animal welfare movement.
15 December 2017
The study aimed to uncover the characteristics that are considered most important for the ‘ideal’ pig by the U.S. public.
13 December 2017
This study investigated the welfare status and owner’s perceptions of working horses in two culturally different Chilean regions.
05 October 2017
This study highlights the importance and effectiveness of teaching primary school children about animal welfare.
30 August 2017
Customers in Chile were interviewed about their prior knowledge and opinions about animal welfare in the dairy industry.
22 August 2017
This article investigated factors, including age, gender and ethical ideologies that influence attitudes towards animals in China.
Topics: Anthrozoology
13 June 2017
Disgust is an emotion that we all experience, but what happens when this feeling impacts on our desire to protect certain animals?
13 June 2017
This study investigated perceptions of fish sentience and welfare amongst citizens in Bogota, Colombia and Curitiba, Brazil.
12 June 2017
This study analysed attitudes of modern Americans to both domestic and wild animals, and compared them to attitudes 34 years ago.
19 May 2017
This research explored which issues related to wildlife the media reports on.