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06 June 2018
The research team examined short- and long-term changes in the behaviour of pinnipeds in Uruguay in response to human approaches over time.
29 May 2018
The authors of this study investigated attitudes towards “charismatic” species, and potential impacts on conservation.
09 May 2018
This study investigated the utility of data on African elephants’ speed of travel during the day and night as an indicator of poaching activity
02 March 2018
The sustainability of shark fishing in Indonesia was investigated, an alarming situation for numerous threatened shark species was discovered.
29 September 2017
Packing bands and other debris are a large threat to marine life. The study investigates the global entanglement of pinnipeds.
14 September 2017
This study investigated the extent of marine debris entanglement in South American fur seals and sea lions.
09 August 2017
The study investigates the cost-effectiveness of marine turtle rehabilitation practices in Queensland and examines rehabilitation outcomes.

research: Think for tigers

27 June 2017
This paper describes how a team devised a crowd sourcing initiative to help tackle the problem of conserving the remaining tiger populations.
12 June 2017
This study analysed attitudes of modern Americans to both domestic and wild animals, and compared them to attitudes 34 years ago.
25 May 2017
A panel of experts met with the aim of developing a set of principles which are ethical and evidence based.