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29 September 2017
Packing bands and other debris are a large threat to marine life. The study investigates the global entanglement of pinnipeds.
14 September 2017
This study explored Dutch consumers’ attitudes towards broiler chicken welfare as reflected through their willingness to pay for better welfare.
04 September 2017
This paper assesses the information that companies are publishing about their animal welfare strategies.
10 May 2017
This paper summarises the classification of Halal meat, and the problems found within the food industry regarding certification.
04 April 2017
This study explores the attitudes of Mexican consumers towards animal welfare, and their willingness to pay more for higher welfare products.
06 January 2017
This research explored how many seabird species in Ireland have ingested plastic, and which species are useful to assess marine litter levels?
23 December 2016
This is the first paper to show how a change in ear posture in lambs is related to pain. This could therefore be a useful indicator of welfare.
15 September 2016
Belgian citizens and broiler chicken farmers differ in their perceptions of chicken welfare and meat quality, but both prefer national products.
30 August 2016
This study reveals the scope and severity of welfare issues of Asian elephants, macaques and tigers kept in Thai wildlife entertainment venues.
09 August 2016
What are the impacts of wildlife tourist attractions? And are tourists aware how these attractions affect animal welfare and conservation?