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01 August 2018
The study investigated the effectiveness of international animal welfare initiatives by interviewing leaders in the animal welfare movement.
09 March 2017
This paper highlights a study demonstrating that water pools encourage displays of natural behaviour in captive tigers.
06 January 2017
This review proposes an innovative alternative version to the Five Freedoms paradigm by avoiding and reconfiguring the “freedoms” terminology.
23 December 2016
In this opinion paper the author, John Webster, compared three different but complementary concepts for measuring and assessing animal welfare.
21 September 2016
How can we come to a universally understood concept of animal welfare to aid scientific research, policy formation and increased animal welfare?

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31 August 2016
World Animal Protection needs academics, researchers, or scientists to help keep this site up to date and full of relevant content.
09 August 2016
The author reviews are current knowledge and acceptance of animal sentience, amongst different groups of animals.
09 August 2016
A review of current reference standards used in animal welfare science: ‘what animals want’, ‘natural living’, and ‘baseline welfare standards’.