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24 April 2017
This study examined the levels of stress exhibited by dogs in a veterinary clinic using both questionnaires and behaviour tests.
03 January 2017
This study shows that fifth year Italian veterinary students have less empathy towards animals than first year students.
03 January 2017
This study is the first to explore Croatian veterinary students’ views on farm animal welfare.
20 December 2016
This paper describes the most valuable methods of teaching animal welfare and ethics to veterinary students.
15 September 2016
Veterinary care has clear benefits to improve an animal’s physical health and fitness, but how else can it influence their overall welfare?
09 August 2016
This study explored changes in veterinary and animal science students’ attitudes before and after taking a course in animal welfare and ethics.
09 August 2016
A discussion of attitudes towards the use of animals in veterinarian training and education and whether humane alternatives are preferable.