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21 November 2016
Liam Slattery has extensive experience in investigative research and is the Global Head of Investigation & Evidence at World Animal Protection.
14 October 2016
Melania is a veterinarian, and is the Veterinary Programmes Manager at World Animal Protection.
30 August 2016
Katie Hampson is a research scientist at the University of Glasgow, focusing on rabies transmission and mass dog vaccination programmes.
01 August 2016
Shakira is an active veterinary professional in animal welfare societies and runs ‘The SaveABulls’ campaign against breed specific legislation.
01 August 2016
Min is currently a lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Sunway University, Malaysia, with research in emotional recognition in animals.
01 August 2016
Elly is a Scientific Coordinator to the ICAM Coalition and an independent consultant, working with IFAW and other animal welfare organisations.