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21 November 2016
Liam Slattery has extensive experience in investigative research and is the Global Head of Investigation & Evidence at World Animal Protection.
18 August 2016
Priya is Corporate Engagement Advisor with World Animal Protection. She advises on animal welfare and best practice on farms.
11 August 2016
Gemma is a Research Manager at World Animal Protection and has a keen interest in understanding about the emotional lives of animal.
10 August 2016
JJ is the Education Programme Manager at World Animal Protection and is dedicated to promoting animal protection and welfare through education.
01 August 2016
Xingbo teaches the Introduction to Animal Protection course at China Agricultural University, and his research focuses on farm animal welfare.
01 August 2016
Xianhong is a researcher and doctoral supervisor of animal science, and holds many expert roles in Chinese animal welfare organisations.
01 August 2016
Dorothy is currently the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow.