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14 December 2017
Timm Juul Jensen just finished his M.Sc. in Conservation biology from Aalborg University, Denmark.
13 December 2017
Dr Tanya Wyatt's research specialisms are wildlife trafficking and animal welfare.
13 December 2017
Katie Thompson is a Research Associate working at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Life and Environmental Sciences at Bournemouth Univer
21 November 2016
Liam Slattery has extensive experience in investigative research and is the Global Head of Investigation & Evidence at World Animal Protection.
11 August 2016
Neil is a Technical Expert for Animals in the Wild at World Animal Protection, and is an expert in many conservation and animal welfare issues.
10 August 2016
Victor is a Technical Expert for Bears in the Animals in the Wild team at World Animal Protection and is an author of the book “Bear Sanctuary”.
01 August 2016
Shakira is an active veterinary professional in animal welfare societies and runs ‘The SaveABulls’ campaign against breed specific legislation.
01 August 2016
Lauren is a registered veterinary nurse, if interests in wildlife conservation.
01 August 2016
Georgina is the Executive Director of Wild Welfare and has over 15 years’ experience working for animal welfare and conservation organisations.
01 August 2016
Lori is a neuroscientist and expert in animal behaviour and intelligence, working with the Whale Sanctuary Project and the Kimmela Centre.